Website Design, Development and Maintenance Services

Any good website starts with a game plan. I spend the time to learn and absorb what your business goals are before any type of design takes place. Your website should be a marketing tool that represents the best of your business and the direction you want to take it. Code local offers website services to cover all of your needs.

Website Services

Website Design

Taking these ideas, the design process starts. Designs are built around visitor usability and search engine visibilty. As a developer, I will create a design that will translate the best way possible into code that search engines can decipher priority and description of content. These are a few of my website designs.

Responsive Web Design

I would like to rename this as real world design. The web has shifted greatly in the last few years and responsive web design is no longer just an option it is necessary. Most of my clients receive an upwards of 60% of their search traffic through mobile devices now. This includes phones, tablets, and small laptops all the way up the largest televisions that now have internet access.

eCommerce Websites

I have worked with several eCommerce platforms including: WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento and OSCommerce. Of all these I try to steer my clients toward either Shopify because it is so easy to use, or to WooCommerce for it’s flexibility, number of great add-ons and ability to be customized.

Some of the projects I have been part of:

Great Code and a little SEO Love

I always look, firstly, at how search engines will find your content. Using good practices and clean code, my aim is always to build websites that perform well in search. A beautiful design is great but without the right markup you may not get found. Getting your business in front of the right audience is always my first priority.

If you’ve already have a beautiful website but it’s just not getting found, I can help. From getting up and running with Google Analytics, fixing bad links and 404 errors, getting the meta data correct and even getting you in the right directories, we can work together to give your website the boost it needs.