So, I am a little biased here. This is actually where I spend my 40 a week. I onboarded about 2 months ago and realized that our companies website had some very huge issues, mostly involving page speed. On an initial run of GTMetrix our site was scoring an F ( 39% ). Load time was 8.5 seconds and called over 140 resources.

How Did We Change That?

  • By building a custom theme to replicate the theme design that was originally used
  • Removing almost all of the iframes
  • Replacing javascript embed codes with custom API calls
  • Updating from php5.6 to php7
  • Optimizing Cloudflare‘s settings
  • Optimizing Images with TinyPNG

So how are we doing now?

Well…   after building the theme and a custom page builder for the backend, We now have a GTmetrix score of A ( 93% ), our page load time is 2.1 seconds and were calling only 40 resources. Not bad.